We offer our clients 100% cashmere, our garments can be worn during cool nights in the spring, autumn and winter.

In addition to 100% cashmere, we also carry 70% cashmere and 30% silk melange. Cashmere and silk combination, allows the final garment to have a reflective sheen, but most of all, it adds the graceful movement to the fabric we often look for in summer clothing. It provides light weight bounce to the fabric while worn with a silky smooth finish to the touch. These garments can be worn during summer and throughout the year.

Yarn ply

Our ply varies from 2 ply to 8 ply. The higher the ply, adds weight and durability to the garment. However, this is dependent on the particular design and style of the article of cashmere. Two ply yarn twist, adds density and strength to the fibres, which allows for longer life of the garment. Having a variety of ply allows for colour choices and weight of your final garment.