At HILDEBRANDT & CO.,. Indulgence Cashmere are committed to respecting an individual’s privacy and recognize our customer’s need for appropriate protection and management of Personal Information that is provided or shared with us. Hildebrandt & Co. has established this privacy policy so that our customers can understand the care with which we intend to treat their right to privacy.

Personal information

When you visit our website or place an order by phone you may be required to provide personal information like your name, email address, postal address, phone number or credit card number. In order to better serve our customers, we keep a record of your purchases.

We also collect, use and disclose your personal information to comply with legal and regulatory requirements and as otherwise may be permitted or required by applicable laws. We treat your personal information with the upmost respect and professionalism and place a high priority on security and confidentiality. We collect personal information so that we can:

  1. manage our business and maintain accurate accounts for you;
  2. verify your identity
  3. provide you with information about our products; and,
  4. meet legal and regulatory requirements

We will not use your personal information without your consent for purposes other than those for which it was collected. If in the event, we may wish to use your personal information for new or additional purposes for HILDEBRANDT & CO., Indulgence Cashmere. We will first obtain your consent for this use.

If you have to return an item, you may be asked to provide personal information for fraud prevention purposes.

If you sign up for our newsletter or other communications we will use your personal information to email you. You can unsubscribe at any time. If you agree to the communication, we may use your personal information to mail you special offers and/or materials. 

When you interact with us on social media, the personal information you provide may be used to determine your identity, respond to your customer service inquiries, or comments and take action in response to your inquiries or postings.

We will only disclose your personal information with your consent, for debt collection purposes, for loss and fraud prevention purposes or if required or permitted by law.

Service Providers

We may disclose your personal information to third party service providers that perform services for us, such as companies that deliver our goods. We require that all service providers keep your information confidential and to have privacy policies and security standards that are similar to our policies and standards.


You will be asked for your consent to the use collection and disclosure of your personal information. In some cases your consent will be implied. You may refuse to provide or withdraw your consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information at any time, unless legal reasons prevent you from doing so. Our ability to provide services however may be contingent on you providing the information or consenting to the use of the information. In the simplest terms we will not use or share your personal information for you to be subjected to unsolicited marketing,

Changes to our Privacy Policy - Our website will contain the most up-to-date version of our Privacy Policy. To contact our privacy commissioner please email HILDEBRANDT & CO., Indulgence Cashmere at