Yaks live in small groups in the high altitudes of the Mongolian desert mountain ranges and plateaus.

They were first brought to Mongolia by Buddhist monks of Tibet as a means of transport on their pilgrimages hundreds of years ago.

They are a large robust, almost prehistoric looking animal. Despite their wild appearance, yaks are very gentle creatures.

Our fiber comes directly from the Mongolian desert from the hands of nomads whose families have herded yaks for countless generations. 

Yak down is extremely rare, with each animal producing an average of only a kilogram of fiber annually.  

The natural fibre of the Yak, is exotic, covered by thick long shaggy, free flowing and dense woolly hair. It’s unique fibre while the hypo-allergenic and body heat regulating natural properties of the fiber will help them stay comfortable and cozy. Yak down is naturally resistant to absorbing scents and smells, making it ideal active-wear. Because it requires less frequent washing, your cherished yak sweater will last for years to come.

Mongolian platinum yak is 100% natural. Mongolian Yaks are typically platinum, dark grey and dark brown. The colors are obtained without dyeing.

The yak down is extremely soft and warm fiber, often compared to the finest cashmere. The effect is noticeable to the touch. And visually, even to the untrained eye, there is a special radiance about natural coloration. The platinum Yak down, is the rarest and 100% natural. The platinum shade comprises less than 5% of the annual yield, enough to make a mere 2,000 garments.

The procedure for transforming raw material into a glorious useable yarn,fibres are separated up to eight times. The result is a drawdown of 80% of the original mass. The exquisite 20% that remains is extremely durable yet supple down. Knitting and finishing techniques are utilized to ensure a luxurious final product.